Anodyne (adj):

1: serving to alleviate pain

2: not likely to offend or arouse tensions


Meet Angie

Angie Cleland is a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years experience providing psychotherapy to children, adults, and families. Angie has worked in various positions throughout her career helping individuals and families experiencing grief, depression, anxiety, anger, general adjustment issues, PTSD, trauma, trichotillomania, and life cycle changes. Angie's approach is relational, person-centered, often including mindfulness, breath work, interpersonal, and solution focused interventions. She grew up in east central Ohio and moved to Athens to attend UGA where she received her MSW. Angie enjoys working with adults and adolescents, with a focus on parents dealing with mental health struggles related to parenting and the perinatal period. Angie's passion is working with women who are dealing with perinatal mood disorders or other stressors associated with trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, labor, breastfeeding, loss, and other pregnancy and parenting related issues. She believes in a holistic approach to mental health and has an extensive network of doctors, lactation consultants, psychologists, and local practitioners who she works closely with and makes referrals to. Angie is also LGBTQIA+ affirming and works to support all her clients and meet them where they are. In her spare time Angie loves to roller skate, spend time with her kids, sew, read, camp, and hike. During the spring and summer Angie is the captain of the Classic City Roller Derby team here in Athens.

Mental Health Initiative

Angie has a partnership with ReBlossom and their maternal mental health initiative, Athens Parent Wellbeing. She works together with APW to receive referrals for parents who need therapy, but are unable to afford the cost. Through a grant that APW received from Postpartum Support International and donations from community members and fundraising efforts, parents in need can receive a scholarship to cover all or part of the discounted rate of therapy services with Angie. The scholarship covers up to 8 sessions, with the option of an additional 8 sessions. Through this partnership Angie and APW hope to provide mental health services and resources to more families in need and increase maternal mental health awareness. If you are interested in learning more about the scholarship opportunities please check out the Athens Parent Wellbeing webpage.