Telehealth or in-person assessment and psychotherapy services

Free 30 minute consultation via phone/video conference/in-person - required before other services can begin


In individual psychotherapy, Angie helps you come up with solutions and coping mechanisms to meet your needs and to help you deal with life's stresses and your mental health. She works with adults and adolescents.


In family/couples psychotherapy Angie works with family members to come up with solutions to family dynamic issues. Sessions can include one or more parent(s) and one or more children or a couple.


Psychological assessment/evaluation typically take 2-3 sessions and include an interview and psychological testing and assessments. Once the sessions and testing are concluded Angie will determine the best diagnosis and make recommendations for further interventions. These assessments can include but are not limited to ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.

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